We recently came accross an article that discussed how AI needs to solve business problems and not math problems. This factors into the resistance of AI Solution adoption. While business want to be innovative, innovation can also be costly if the solution fails to adequately solve the problem that it is supposed to.

One issue is that many times the technology already exists and then there is an attempt to apply that technology to the business issue. The square block in a circle space analogy. We have reversed this approach. There is a basic issue when it comes to manufacturing. When it comes to manufacturing you have to operate with the assumption that the people you have hired are perfect. You also have to assume that you have an absolutely perfect process. Yet, mistakes happen. That is not a knock against your employees or your process, it simply happens because we are human. I believe we call that human error. Our solution was created to improve your processes and empower your employees leading to improved quality.

Our AI Vision solution uses cameras and machine learning to inspect your product. You are already using it in some aspects. You have the data but you are currently not acting on it. Our AI vision solution puts that data to use. We can customize our solution to answer your unique needs. We can be your system integrators pulling all of the components of your unique solution together. We can decrease the cost of production and improve quality while increasing employee safety. Our 30 years in the business gives us the expertise to handle every aspect of your unique solution.

Clear Intelligence provides the business value to directly impact your company’s bottom line. Contact us today to set up a demo to see how our solution can be used in your environment.