Manufacturing organizations today are faced with continual pressure to ramp up production while lowering costs, and delivering high-quality products faster than ever before.

The challenge is that it’s hard, costly and confusing to implement new technology on a running manufacturing line. And QA leaders need to balance this introduction of new technology against production interruptions, compliance and safety concerns. Organizations and heads of QA need an easy way, with guidance, to get their computer vision use cases deployed with opportunities to grow their initiatives with business needs.

Through industry leading visual inspection, Clear Intelligence develops and implements unique end to end supply chain solutions that increase employee efficiency and minimize defects leading to cost savings, continuous quality improvement, and total legal and safety compliance.

By leveraging IBM’s Visual Inspector application we can equip QA leaders with the tools, training and technology to deploy the latest computer vision technology beyond the limitations of stationary cameras and fixed-line networks. Paired with advanced insights software and AI infrastructure, it is engineered to continuously improve accuracy.

“The very first station to deploy Visual Inspector prevented 32 vehicle mis-builds in the first 30 days.

Clear Intelligence’s strength in this space is our ability to create ROI for our customers and seamlessly integrate within current manufacturing processes by being a trusted partner and system integrator throughout the AI vision journey.

To learn how you can start your journey to deploy AI vision, get in touch with your Clear Intelligence representative today.