AI is transforming how we capture, inspect, and analyze data to impact everything from safety and customer engagement to business operations and planning. Across all industries AI is being used in conjunction with innovation technologies such as blockchain, IoT and machine learning to turn complex problems into competitive differentiators.  We are working with clients to use artificial intelligence not only to drive lower operating costs of their network but also to better engage with customers and drive improved experience


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“Improving Hiring Effectiveness”

A Clear Intelligence Case Study 


A retailer wants to select the best talent for its retail operation that will drive more effective sales conversions, improve customer experience and loyalty.

The Problem: As business grow or have turnover, job opportunities can attract hundreds of applicants a day. How can you identify and make offers to the people best suited for each role and determine who will drive more sales and customer experience?

The Solution:  Leverage IBM Watson Candidate assessment to enable them to pinpoint the best candidates. This not only drives better recruiting effectiveness and better sales in store, but also streamlines the recruiting process. The solution can also recommend to candidates a different opening at the company better suited to them, thereby increasing ongoing employee retention and hiring experience.

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Clear Intelligence’s goal is to use AI to help businesses resolve their key problems by leveraging tools that will help them more efficiently drive data to action, resulting in positive top and bottom line P&L impactors. We welcome the chance to discuss the challenges in your business and the opportunity to design innovative solutions to solve those problems. Click on the button to view our proven process. 

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Why Adopt AI Solutions


We are in a era of evolution in technology and Artificial intelligence is already reshaping the way the world works. In the current marketplace, company’s need to use every available tool at their disposal to create an advantage. By leveraging Artificial Intelligence we are creating unique solutions designed to enable opportunities and solve complex business problems. Click the icons below to see how were helping businesses break barriers and drive increased business value.



Implementation of the solution is just the beginning. We remain engaged with your team in a collaborative effort to drive adoption and scale to extract the full value of the solution. With continuous improvement frameworks in place, we will ensure the solution continually evolves and drives increased value as the business changes.  This is where the full ROI and competitive disruption is realized and, more importantly, maintained.

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