Industry 4.0 – Using AI in the Global Industrial Products Industry

The following contains excerpts from "The Artificial Intelligence Effect On Industrial Products" by IBM A small group of outperformers in the industrial products industry is using AI/cognitive to help deliver on the promise of Industry 4.0. Using AI to unlock the hidden insights in industrial products data The industrial products industry is awash with [...]

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Data is a Competitive Advantage for AI Adoption

The foundation of any artificial intelligence is data and those who have their own data can achieve an enormous competitive advantage. However, this is where the different national data protection laws come in. The fear of the regulation paralyzes whole industries. The following contains excerpts from on The Artificial Intelligence Industry and Global Challenges  [...]

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AI That Works FOR You

We recently came accross an article that discussed how AI needs to solve business problems and not math problems. This factors into the resistance of AI Solution adoption. While business want to be innovative, innovation can also be costly if the solution fails to adequately solve the problem that it is supposed to. One [...]

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Clear AI Vision Solution Inspects Weld Discontinuities In Real Time

Transcript:  All rail car manufacturers today use X-Ray technology to ensure quality welds within their rail tank cars.  But due to the extremely manual and time-consuming nature, the physical x-rays get damaged and scratched in the process. In addition, it takes hours to get all x-rays completed, developed, and back to the [...]

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Quality Assurance with Automated Visual Inspection in the Food Industry

By employing a visual inspection system for quality check of its products, a food company not only reduces the losses, but also substantially decreases the chance of a quality-related scandal. The following contains excerpts from on Making the Case for Automated Visual Inspection  What is Automated Visual Inspection? An AVI system usually consists [...]

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Announcement: Clear Intelligence to Participate in 2019 Supercomputing Conference

Addison, Texas., USA, October 30, 2019 —Clear Intelligence, the Clear Technologies Machine Learning/IoT practice, today announced its participation in  Supercomputing 2019, the international conference for High Performance Computing, networking, storage, and analysis. This five-day event will be held on November 17-22, 2019 at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, Colorado. Clear Intelligence will [...]

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AI Summit 2019 – San Francisco

In September our team at Clear Intelligence attended the AI Summit in San Francisco. While there, we were able to present on real clients use cases and showcase the capabilities and opportunities for using AI in real world applications with our trained AI vision model demo (see tweets below). [...]

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Meet Our Partner: Modius

Access real-time monitoring and analytics solutions that enable visibility and decision support for better control over power, cooling, and IT systems. THE CHALLENGE Unified monitoring and analysis for connected infrastructure—servers, storage, HVAC, sensor- based assets—is now available thanks to the latest generation of Asset Performance Management (APM) tools. However, the devices connected [...]

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