All rail car manufacturers today use X-Ray technology to ensure quality welds within their rail tank cars.  But due to the extremely manual and time-consuming nature, the physical x-rays get damaged and scratched in the process. In addition, it takes hours to get all x-rays completed, developed, and back to the facility for review.

The interpreter’s fatigue hampers their consistency. The pressure to increase production also takes a toll on the final product.

The Clear Intelligence AI vision solution automatically detects weld discontinuities on x-rays of the rail tank cars -in real time- to send back to the interpreter for final review.

Once the rail car is completely welded together, the numbering belt will be wrapped around the girth seams in order to locate potential discontinuities. The tank will then be sent through an x-ray gantry. Once completely x-rayed, the digitized images will be sent via FTP to a secured server for inferencing. (inferencing is shown as bounding boxes around the detected discontinuities).The digitized x-rays will be inferenced automatically upon arrival to the server.

The images will then be sent to the interpreter’s Clear Intelligence dashboard via FTP for review. The x-rays containing potential defects will be printed out and brought to the tank for further review or repair, if necessary.

How does Clear Vision make a difference?

  • Fewer manual processes required
  • Identifies discontinuities accurately and immediately
  • Streamlines production
  • Higher accuracy detection with fewer false positives
  • Creates a competitive advantage

Imagine all of the best quality inspectors combined into one technology solution. That is Clear Vision.