IBM Food Trust - Improving Food Traceability

Did you know that The World’s Oldest Blockchain Has Been Hiding in the New York Times Since 1995?

At its core, a blockchain is just a database that is maintained by a network of users and secured through cryptography. Although blockchains can be used as an immutable record of financial transactions, this is far from their only use. In fact, any type of information can be added to a blockchain and in the past everything from virtual kittens to sushi and rare art has been stored on a distributed ledger.

IBM Food Trust™ uses blockchain technology to create unprecedented visibility and accountability in the food supply. It’s the only network of its kind to connect growers, processors, distributors, and retailers through a permissioned, permanent and shared record of food system data.

IBM Food Trust can be used for:

  • Food Safety
    • Trace food instantly – with end-to-end supply chain data visibility – to help ensure food safety and regulatory compliance.
  • Supply Chain Inefficiencies
    • Access a shared and immutable digital ledger in real time – rather than ink on paper – to find choke points and uncover opportunities to speed your supply chain.
  • Food Freshness
    • Gain instant and efficient food tracing from source to consumer to more accurately judge peak freshness and remaining shelf life – and reduce product loss.
  • Sustainability
    • Rely on shared data and an immutable ledger to help ensure the promised quality of products and that food comes from a sustainable source.
  • Brand Trust
    • Gain a competitive advantage as you add transparency and specificity about the sourcing of your food products. Build trust in the safety and quality of your brand.
  • Food Waste
    • Identify waste hot spots and speed responsiveness using better visibility into your food supply chain. Reduce costly food waste and boost your bottom line.
  • Food Fraud
    • Data-sharing across the food supply helps eliminate chances for fraud and errors – and can help preserve the integrity of raw materials, products, and packaging.

A blockchain solution is not just about technology, it’s about solving business problems that have been insolvable before due to the inability of the ecosystem to share information in a transparent, immutable and trusted manner. Unlike other systems of record, blockchain technology provides a trusted record of data. With IBM Food Trust and Clear Technologies you can gain the information and start you journey to not only reducing but eliminating those problems and gaining business value using IBM Food Trust technology. Contact Us today to get started!