The Power of AI VISION

It can be difficult to navigate what is real, what is possible, and what is just buzz when to comes to applying Artificial Intelligence to everyday business problems.  We want to help you discover what is possible for AI in your business.

Vision in Action

In this video you will see an example of how a camera, backed by AI software, can identify discontinuities in steel plates.

There are three steel plates – one with no discontinuities and two with different variations. We set up the model to use live inferencing on the camera attached to the robot arm. The camera, for this case, only took a picture once it sensed the robot arm stopped moving for a predefined amount of time.

The software then runs inference on the image, and boxes each location it thinks it has found a defect. It then marks the plate as good or defective, and displays it to our user interface.

Machine Learning Analytics with Vision

Our AI Vision Solution

AI Vision provides a platform and framework that can help drive process, efficiency, accuracy, and speed across areas such as – product defect detection, operational asset inspection, personnel safety, and security. We helps companies produce better products safely while increasing asset life – thereby driving lower cost of quality and operations and increased employee safety.


With a business-first approach, we take the time to understand your key challenges and/or potential opportunities and deliver unprecedented solutions, always keeping your P&L at the forefront of our thinking.