In the current marketplace, businesses’s need to use every available tool at their disposal to create an advantage. By leveraging innovation technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things and blockchain, we can create unique solutions designed to enable opportunities and solve complex business problems.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is transforming how we capture, inspect, and analyze data to impact everything from safety and customer engagement to business operations and planning. We are working with clients across all industries to use artificial intelligence not only to drive lower operating costs of their network but also to better engage with customers and deliver improved experiences.

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With the ability to see a transaction end-to-end, Blockchain reduces vulnerabilities and eliminates the reliance on intermediaries for validation, creating a secure and synchronized record of transaction.

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Internet of Things

IoT brings diverse information together and applies analytics to share the most valuable information and address specific needs. Whether you need to reduce downtime, prevent loss or gain insight into customer behaviors and much more, IoT is unlocking new insights for smart decision making.

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Machine Learning

Machine learning is a form of AI that enables a system to learn from data. Machine Learning is being used in conjunction with sales, weather, and social data to better predict demand across a range of consumer areas. Since Machine Learning is Data-Driven, it can be trained to create valuable predictive models that can guide proper decisions and smart actions.

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Implementation of the solution is just the beginning. We remain engaged with your team in a collaborative effort to drive adoption and scale to extract the full value of the solution. With continuous improvement frameworks in place, we will ensure the solution continually evolves and drives increased value as the business changes.  This is where the full ROI and competitive disruption is realized and, more importantly, maintained.

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of global CEOs surveyed said cognitive computing will play an important role in the future of their organization
of global CEOs surveyed said they plan to adopt cognitive technology solutions by
Surveyed executives said they anticipate a 15% return on investment from their cognitive initiatives
Phil Godwin

Companies are creating massive amounts of data and they are having a problem knowing how to use that data to positively affect their business. Our goal is simply to do that.

Brian Murphy - CIO Clear Intelligence

Clear Technologies (Clear Intelligence parent company) is known for its client first attitude – and Clear Intelligence will be no different.


We can help you in any project.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss the challenges for your business and the potential solutions to sole those problems using using AI, IoT, and Cognitive Computing.