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Emerging advanced analytics provide businesses with a competitive advantage. Machine learning is a form of AI that enables a system to learn from data. Machine Learning is being used in conjunction with sales, weather, and social data to better predict demand across a range of consumer areas. Predicting demand can help businesses reduce stock outs, reduce freshness loss and better plan staffing across operations and merchandising.


Machine Learning for Inventory Optimization

Since Machine Learning is Data-Driven, it can be trained to create valuable predictive models that can guide proper decisions and smart actions.

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“Back of Store Inventory Optimization” 

A Clear Intelligence Case Study


A supplier wants to ensure they have up to the minute inventory data for the back of store to ensure customer always has the optimal amount of inventory.

The Problem:  back of store inventory is the buffer to ensure no out of stock on the retailers floor. The supplier wants to ensure that enough inventory is in and react to surges in demand in a real time manner. This will allow the supplier to optimize inventory and ensure customer service is maintained.

The Solution:  Implement camera in back of store in combination with leveraging IBM Watson visual recognition  assessment to enable them to identify by product current real time inventory levels in back of store and react accordingly by changing the next delivery to optimize inventory. This removes the need for inventorying the product manually and also allows real time reaction so optimizes working capital and reduces losses for products that have limited shelf life. Solution can also be extended to loss prevention / delivery verification.

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Machine Learning is being used across all industries to extract hidden value from enterprise data, enabling businesses to confidently deploy insights.

Enabling Enterprises to:

  • Analyze large, complex data

  • Deliver faster, precise results

  • Predict Demand

  • Confidently Deploy Insights


In the current marketplace, company’s need to use every available tool at their disposal to create an advantage. By leveraging innovation solutions such as Machine Learning, we are creating unique solutions designed to enable opportunities and solve complex business problems. Click the button below to see how were helping businesses break barriers and drive increased business value.


Implementation of the solution is just the beginning. We remain engaged with your team in a collaborative effort to drive adoption and scale to extract the full value of the solution. With continuous improvement frameworks in place, we will ensure the solution continually evolves and drives increased value as the business changes.  This is where the full ROI and competitive disruption is realized and, more importantly, maintained.

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