Access real-time monitoring and analytics solutions that enable visibility and decision support for better control over power, cooling, and IT systems.

Modius Technology


Unified monitoring and analysis for connected infrastructure—servers, storage, HVAC, sensor- based assets—is now available thanks to the latest generation of Asset Performance Management (APM) tools. However, the devices connected to your network—often referred to as your physical topology—often lacks this type of unified monitoring.

The diverse equipment deployed on your network including power distribution, cooling, air management, IT assets, sensor based machines and environmental sensors are monitored by a variety of separate, rigid and proprietary systems specific to their device category, or tracked manually on spread sheets with regular rounds and readings (i.e. ‘sneaker power’).



Without a consolidated view of all sensor-based infrastructure operations, managers do not have a single system or data set in order to help optimize the performance of their networked devices, particularly in relation to the growing demand to track edge-deployed connected assets. This lack of a consolidated view makes it hard for operators and managers to respond to the increasing pressure on asset performance such as:

  • Rising energy costs (per kWh prices)
  • Maintenance cost controls
  • Capturing data for research and development
  • Asset management including real-time location of all equipment on the network
  • Pro-active health checks and predictive maintenance with intelligent alerting
  • Quality control efforts
  • Production Scheduling, with equipment uptime and performance monitoring



Modius provides a consolidated view across the entire physical layer of all physical infrastructure and connected assets by unifying real-time performance data from all power distribution, cooling, air management equipment, location-based services, environmental sensors, sensor- enabled machinery and IT devices.

Modius OpenData unifies real time performance data from all the equipment typically found on your network, including a full range of out-of-the-box end-point device integration. OpenData is deployed to the edge on pre-validated industrial strength gateways, utilizing low cost or embedded sensors, and pro-actively monitors undesirable conditions before they become problems – while supplying the visibility needed during recovery.

OpenData natively monitors redundant systems, acting as a monitor of monitors for unified asset performance intelligence wherever your equipment lives.

The Modius OpenData solution provides core functionality for:

    • Real-time unified event and alarm management of physical equipment with multi-vendor support for fast system integration
    • Trended data for instant feedback of adds, moves, changes and rapid response to pending issues
    • Multi-site data collection for remote edge intelligence of all network device assets for remote monitoring, all from a single-pane of glass
    • Comprehensive performance management health status ‘Operational BI’ for an entire network of devices
    • Consolidated management dashboards and performance metrics with intuitive user configurable dashboards
    • Robust support desk integrated with intelligent alert routing
    • Advanced Analytics with normalization and time synchronization of all equipment data
    • Robust predictive algorithms and advanced user-configurable machine learning models


Modius OpenData can either be installed comprehensively across the targeted critical facility, or tactically to address a single issue. Regardless, once the flexibility, scalability, ease-of- deployment and TCO are realized, incremental growth is unavoidable. In some cases customers can and will expand deployments themselves enjoying the independence from service providers which they have felt in servitude to previously.

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