Produce & Agriculture 

 A consumer based technological evolution.


Factors such as climate change, population growth and food security concerns have propelled the produce and agriculture industry into seeking more innovative approaches to sustainability.

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CASE STUDY: Blockchain for Produce & Agriculture

Produce and Agriculture is seeing a consumer based technological evolution.

Produce and Agriculture Industry Solutions

“Tell me about my produce” 

A Clear Intelligence / IBM Case Study


A retailer wants to allow their consumers to know where their products are sourced from, what the nutritional value is, and to connect the consumer to locally sourced products.

The Problem:  Consumers are demanding more transparency from from the grocery stores about where there products come from and what the nutrional content is and potentially what dishes they can use products in.

The Solution:  For large scale retailers we can leverage IBM Food trust. This will require multiple parties to be added into the network unless they are already part of it.​

​For others we can leverage a focused and custom built blockchain solution adapted to the specific needs of the retailer and distribution network to track product from farm to shelf. This will identify the source of key products and also allow the consumer to gain nutritional insights and using Chef Watson service also identify potential recipes based on consumer preferences and available ingredients.

Whether you need to predict demand to reduce stock outs, reduce freshness loss, better plan staffing across operations and merchandising  or build customer trust and brand affinity, we can orchestrate the solution that fits your business needs.

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