It can be difficult to navigate what is real, what is possible, and what is just buzz when it comes to applying Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to everyday business challenges.

At Clear Intelligence, we are focused on helping organizations improve quality by using AI and machine learning for visual inspection.

More manufacturing companies are adopting AI and Machine Learning to reduce overall cost of production, improve employee safety and increase the quality of their products.

For example, a current project in the rail car manufacturing business applies AI Vision to inspect the quality of welds. Adding AI Vision to their process removed manual inconsistencies, accuracy errors, and top down pressures to increase output.

Clear Intelligence has created the solution to visually detect weld discontinuities in real time as the rail car moves through the welding process.

As each piece of the rail car is being welded together, there is a camera and inkjet sprayer attached to the gantry about 300 degrees from the start of the weld. This camera visually detects any discontinuities in the weld, and simultaneously the ink jet sprayer marks the tank for rework. This means once the tank is done being welded, it is also done being inspected; saving time in the production process, increasing accuracy of the data, and generating more throughput.

Clear’s AI Vision solution helps manufacturing industries increase production throughput by reducing delays and bottlenecks while safely ensuring the best product quality for their customers.

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