AI for your business.

Virtual assistants offer employee assistance and customer care – routing end-users to the best possible solutions. With consistent 24/7 coverage –  meeting peeks and demands – virtual assistants help businesses drive savings and efficiency.

Virtual Assistant

Make every employee an expert.

Querying against indexes can require specialized and detailed knowledge and have a significant learning curve for new users. With AI powered assistants, you can go from data to insights with less effort and time spent.

Agent Assistant Chat Bot

Handle any question without human intervention.

Watson Assistant is the industry leading conversational AI technology powering chatbots. Learn how Watson Assistant interacts and understands your questions in this banking demo.

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Virtual Assistant with IBM

Creating a seamless and superior customer experience.

Today’s digitally connected consumers demand unprecedented 24x7x365 customer service. With AI powered assistants for customer care, you can solve customer problems, simple or complex, as efficiently as possible while increasing customer satisfaction, scaling operations and decreasing cost simultaneously.

Job Search Assistant

Helping candidates find their fit.

Applying AI powered technology makes the hiring process simple and efficient – benefiting recruiters, job seekers and employers alike. The Watson Candidate Assistant engages job seekers in conversations about the company, analyzes their deeper career goals, and then recommends positions suited to their skills and interests. You can learn more about the Candidate assistant and test it yourself by clicking the button below. 

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IBM Watson Candidate Assistant


Implementation of the solution is just the beginning. We remain engaged with your team in a collaborative effort to drive adoption and scale to extract the full value of the solution. With continuous improvement frameworks in place, we will ensure the solution continually evolves and drives increased value as the business changes.  This is where the full ROI and competitive disruption is realized and, more importantly, maintained.

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