Real-World Opportunities for

AI Powered Vision Solutions

Our AI Vision solution is a platform and framework that can help drive process, efficiency, accuracy, and speed across areas such as – product defect detection, operational asset inspection, personnel safety, and security. We helps companies produce better products safely while increasing asset life – thereby driving lower cost of quality and operations and increased employee safety.


Monitor and Enforce Regulations for Safety

Work accidents remain a huge, cross-industry problem, despite safety regulations and procedures. Embedded computer vision applications can flag workers while entering hazardous environments or scan a construction area to alert supervisors to act where PPE violations are identified.


Detect and Define Discrepancies in an Environment

Object detection and classification is important in surveillance applications for consistent access monitoring. AI powered monitoring allows for the detection and alert of an intrusion and ensures control over high risk areas or high value areas.


Ongoing Asset Inspection Across Industries

Large area inspection is time consuming and often error prone. Using AI vision solutions you can inspect more while increasing speed and accuracy. This is particularly valuable in broad area inspection such as power line and silo inspection.


Transform Inspection – Deploy Cameras to Capture Data

Manual product inspections are notorious for being expensive, risky, and slow. Using AI powered vision solutions will help industries increase speed, frequency and accuracy, as well as reduce risk.

AI Vision 

It can be difficult to navigate what is real, what is possible, and what is just buzz when to comes to applying Artificial Intelligence to everyday business problems.  We want to help you discover what is possible for AI in your business. Follow the button below to see the AI Vision Model Demo.

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